This Guy?

I keep a stack of paddles-just in case you’re tryin to get smashed 

Zesty, fly close to the radar, old spice till i die, big fan of hawaiian t’s, always ride with the windows down, pizza with ranch, jack kerouac is the man, san francisco bred, dream of growing a beard as nasty as brian wilson’s, live in the moment, keep my cards on the table, backcountry 3’s while skiing- nice with it, often speak in movie quotes/accents, I LOVE PEOPLE, Coachella when will I see you again?, love thrift stores and markets, hard to tie me down, drink whiskey at night, eggs are to me what cottage cheese is to pageant chicks, live ever die never, usc gamedays- will never forget but damn they’re hard to remember, rarely enjoy being taken seriously, ray charles to the… that is except when its coming out of my mouth,  I like to grill-especially fish, the great outdoors is my church, artistically intrigued but can’t draw a stick figure, once tried to tame a unicorn, happy go lucky, find me in a bar ill probably be the guy dancing, costa rica- pura vida (enough said), soccer lad, once had a mullet, love a roaring fire when its cold and raining, born in knightsbridge london, fifa is the only game i play, john mayer speaks to me as much as too short does, did a pg year at boarding school- Lawrenceville whats good?, laugh easily, shed so many tears- word up Pac, lake tahoe really butters my muffin, homies over everything, quite experiential, tryin to feel out this street art game.


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