The Drift

Letting the record state that I have been to the depths of solitude and seen love for what it can be
I have experienced care and devotion
I have hoped for a presence in my life that I can’t unwind
Her emotions held me close and I desired to be seen
But the experience of her loss has left me in a trench
A breach I can’t unfold
Too many nights of undivulged perspective
A wish I’d been more prepared to give
I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure
The memories of her constancy uncomparable to anything I’ve known
How I wish to still be able to call her mine
Left in this ebbing sea
I accept the drift
The persistence of her graceful image
Etched into my soul
Like a waking life now telling me there’s few moves left to make
Tact West and find new fate
Remain in London and never escape her loss
These feelings mean I so desperately seek change
A change she’s already considered
Yet I can’t let go
I want to find a way to strive for her but there is no battle in sight
How will I persist
At this point I do not know