The Drift

Letting the record state that I have been to the depths of solitude and seen love for what it can be
I have experienced care and devotion
I have hoped for a presence in my life that I can’t unwind
Her emotions held me close and I desired to be seen
But the experience of her loss has left me in a trench
A breach I can’t unfold
Too many nights of undivulged perspective
A wish I’d been more prepared to give
I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure
The memories of her constancy uncomparable to anything I’ve known
How I wish to still be able to call her mine
Left in this ebbing sea
I accept the drift
The persistence of her graceful image
Etched into my soul
Like a waking life now telling me there’s few moves left to make
Tact West and find new fate
Remain in London and never escape her loss
These feelings mean I so desperately seek change
A change she’s already considered
Yet I can’t let go
I want to find a way to strive for her but there is no battle in sight
How will I persist
At this point I do not know


Long term happiness

The presence of someone you love
The beauty of their eyes
As they fall on you, you do them
There is a sweet surrender
Because they know you
They understand you and you do them
Because you’ve felt the weight of their emotion before
So you believe in them and trust their values
They are wholesome and they are good
And you deserve to give that much love away
You are free