Rocking New Mural by Alloyius McIlwaine in South Philly — Streets Dept

Holy moly, this new mural from Philly-based artist, Alloyius McIlwaine, is just freaking incredible! Late last week, I was fortunate enough to get an email from Alloyius saying he was in the midst of painting his largest mural to-date and he invited me out this past Monday to shoot his last day installing. The new […]

via Stunning New Mural by Alloyius McIlwaine in South Philly — Streets Dept


Thirty minutes of sunshine

Blissful bliss means tranquil tranquility
Though I’ve invested heavily in the holy trinity
But as #4 don’t forget the score
When I leave we go back to 1
What I say I get because I HARDLY FORGET
the reveries
the reveries
the reveries
The reveries of bliss
We so often dismiss
Sitting with Cara
She’s supposed to be by carer
Intensity poised to persuasion
I manage my own selection

Seduction Induced

Main Cruz gallery

By her pleasant poise
Romanced by her fire boys
Of whom she sought none
Instead traveling down the barrel of a gun
Hot mantras devised by hell
But the guitar smoldered with a devilish swell
Too many lost, awoken times
Battles laid to rest
Men deemed divine
Honor & courageous
Seduction at its finest
It’s finest hour

Grass Roots

Independent as fuck
Can’t deny the system placed you wrongly stuck
We grass roots denial
Till the sunshine spills a smile
Darken up; she said…
Waning for here time
The NHS waiting line
With two bullets
Go shoot-up a school
one for me, one for you
Revolver on deck
Check if I miss
when aiming for the head
This is grass roots shit

Afro Pickings

Big and Buffy
The room is dying to be stuffy
Let the hair out
Dying in here
Folks with strokes
The media pokes
The music compacts pieces of the cool
Like close shaves turned to ask
I grow
I keep growing
Giving less and less of a fuck with each inch picked

Black Magic

Horoscope wheel chart
Raising Reparations
From Caucasians
Call it Asian persuasion
We got black magic in our blood
Thank the rhythm & blues
Black Magic
Movements that move harder than you
I want that black magic you imbue
Seemingly out of focus
Because those magicians work to make you not notice
Saw a David Blane / Dynamo session
Couple of pros
But is it really what we saying
With a glass house and cards to stick
Black magic
The truth to enduring pain
lest it rise through hardcore veins
suffice it in this life
God is in the next
So by my calculation
That black magic
Seeking but don’t find
All of them with wondrous minds
My flow raids you of the black album
Studio cusswords Alice and crystal ball shapes

Gun Traffic

Spending  on cheap truths
Americans still betting on fire at will
Moonstring atrocity
WHEN will it end
Continued ongoing
We lose our sons and daughters
Let me hear you say
Gun Traffic
Gun Traffic
The message for tracking guns
Turn blame or be caught by the bullet
The gun may turn on you