Valiant Effort

Oh trident seek thee from afar as I battle these foes unto you so that thrice might we all save the evenings bitter waning light
Heaven unto thou now guide this hand across my brow, sanctifying these dew lit drops from my palm to the ground
From them hast now may a new fold prism of perfected elegance arise; a beautiful plant entrusted with the agnosticism to live for nothing more than the light upon it which shall shine evermore
That good sir is the element from seed to blossom inside the days of rest that have been gifted to us as weekends kind pleasure for lackadaisical behavior and folly
For I the captor of this intelligence am at rest while it ever striving.  For it’s truth is it’s honest approach for capturing it’s sole desire and mine- well striving higher I only further internalize my ineffible woe

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