Tim & Joyce 1 2 1

**A game my cousin and I played, you write a line then I write a line… the following is how far we got…


All to care about is feathers

To see them all around

None but one to rule the flock

To Be cared for by another

To see them for what they truly are

Which is beautiful in totality

And just as small as a peacock

but larger than life

When you consider who you’re sitting next to

to feel full of gratitude

Yet complacent with peace (of mind)

And beaming with love

Beams & Beams & Beams of light

like a bright shining star

shhhh… Dont tell anyone

… We’re all bright shining stars

And dancing candles in the wind

Dancing the rhythms of life

oh but the rhythm, to stay n’ sync

To play out this rhythm and get thru to the other side

Is to hope that colors remain colors and rhythms… 

Well that they never subside


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