The Green Shadow




From amber sunbeams

A toast to natures warmth

In this morning do I so wake

Surrounded by Sun & sky

But not so high it heats my vision

The truth is, the shadow always scared me

For it is perpetual history until you turn to dust

it is the memory of yourself before you turn to light

Not after death

So let the tree live

A Long and phosphorous (Φωσφόρος) life

The Green Shadow

“Today on East Coast we have a huge snow storm, so it is a perfect time to post something nice, a summer photo from Plitvice Lakes. My previous photos have a lot info about this place, so today’s story is a legend.
Rivers that mean life
Plitvice lakes are probably the most memorable waterfalls of Croatia, so it’s no surprise that scientists have been interested in it’s natural beauty since the early 19th century.
The diversity of these exceptionally rare endemic plants makes the Plitvice lakes national park precious not only to Croatia, but Europe. This area, spreading deep into the Velebit outback was in the past called Devils garden. More life paradise, history gives us the origin of the name, since the lakes were on the very border of the then Habsburg Monarchy and Ottoman Empire. The garden of Eden is what Plitivice are with 16 grand lakes covering over two square kilometers. Connected with big and small waterfalls, most of the water is brought in by the Black and White river.
A hundred year old legend tells the story of the origin of the lakes. After the Black river dried up, and the rain didn’t fall, the people were thirsty and started praying for water – to no end. Then the Black queen appeared in the valley. She had pity for the people and with thunder and lightning let the rain fall… After refreshing the people, animals and fields, the rain continued to fall – creating the myth that became reality – the Plitvice Lakes.
Also in WS you can see the aerial map and get some idea about lakes surrounding.” (credit:


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