The smoke Breather



That deep lung toke

Sets the world arrest

Centered around you

Your breath

Plumes billowing bast your eyes

The shades hide darker means

Means to an end

Death, War, Hope

Wrapped neatly in a line for you

Helping me find that place of peace

Where I don’t give a fuck what happens next

Death tho,

|While i don’t seek it

I do seek the sadness that death brings

More like relief, the battles done

To be able to truly let go and pass on

See the green light and shoot towards it

not know where I am

but the fuzziness is warm and soothing

Listen out for something other than silence

And perhaps, just perhaps, we may wind up in conversation

Two cellestial bodies listening for something to share

Then keep going

Then hyper tube

All thanks to smoking




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