The backwash

Trying to see the way through the pipe

Washed out with my dreams

Cycles run like ins and outs

To create the backwash

The spillage is paramount

For we are no messages in bottles

We ebb and flow

Deleting footprints

Deleting desire

Strictly searching

For just one special, pure, round pipe


Inside the lighthouse

So I had every intention of painting a quintessential view of a lighthouse and as I was looking through various images of lighthouses my mind kept drifting, as it’s prone to do. All I could think of was Pete’s Dragon. The original, not the remake, as I’ve not seen it. Philippe saw the trailer and […]

via Candle On The Water — Doodlewash



Sailing ships to karma seas

The visions that things improve


To take something for what it was

Then make it better

Fire turns & forests unprotected

The reasons for failure paramount

Between sea & adventure

Lies a ▲

It’s no Bermuda’s best but its close

It makes the world spin

because 1 ➤ 1 ➤1 ➤ = 1


The whimsical leprechaun once wrote a poem that disappeared.  Never to be seen again, he and it, was that way.  Fleeting.  Fleeting from theory, from observation, from conservation, from conversation.  Trouble has it, he was a smoker.  A smoker of two kinds.  Firstly, there was his pipe.  A pipe by which he blew all sorts of shapes and forms of billowing saw dust into the sky.

The second was his signal.  He formed it from a pot.  A pot that planted roots so deep, so colorful, no island could possibly possess them.

Thus, the whimsical leprechaun resolved himself to the activity of re-appearing only when the time was just right and like a rabbit in a hole, never missed a second.

In between, the unknown.  Known to no one but himself and the tree within which he lived.  It’s name: Grapefruit.

Tea Bears

Can’t dream

Teddy had too much tea

Father keeping me idle

hands in workshop

He’s a book keeper

And I remain the reader

Suggestions come

Not recommendations

For thats a different kettle entirely

Someone who knows the way you think

What you’re actually trying to achieve


Goodnight Moon

Good recc

Well its a good story in and of itself.


The Fluorescent Rose


Designed by man (not)

You illuminate the dark night

With your playful undertones

And magnificent history

These nights actions

A play to keep the secret

You tell me there is more to discover

With your Alchemistic twirl

Electricity running thru your veins

i see you

i see you circulating

not in motion, but in body

For if body always moved,

Our lifeblood would be closed by Sunday

It helps to pray

So you see, my sweet predator, my incandescent rose,

I need you

I need you to last the night

Like a twinkle in a midpoint

Host any future as the red rose does the past

let crests be crests, men well men, be men

And currents; well always sawing thru.

Tim & Joyce 1 2 1

**A game my cousin and I played, you write a line then I write a line… the following is how far we got…


All to care about is feathers

To see them all around

None but one to rule the flock

To Be cared for by another

To see them for what they truly are

Which is beautiful in totality

And just as small as a peacock

but larger than life

When you consider who you’re sitting next to

to feel full of gratitude

Yet complacent with peace (of mind)

And beaming with love

Beams & Beams & Beams of light

like a bright shining star

shhhh… Dont tell anyone

… We’re all bright shining stars

And dancing candles in the wind

Dancing the rhythms of life

oh but the rhythm, to stay n’ sync

To play out this rhythm and get thru to the other side

Is to hope that colors remain colors and rhythms… 

Well that they never subside

The Fire Quencher


Slow embers building awe

Water makes the ceasefire begin

Structures crumble to your essence

Elevated to an ash

Ready to return to metaphysical state

it burns

it burns to be reborn

but to do that…

It still has to burn

And feel what that’s like


Perambulating Nebulosity


You spin You spin You spin

Dissolving into nothing

Into space you fly

Above the black hole of unconsciousness

But below the clouds that beckon

Due source overdue

For me to save you

So the spins keep perambulating

And I….

Am the record

Am the record

Am the record


Cant get out; want to escape

The nebulous targets

Rather shoot a bull in the eye

Than stay.


Love affair

Sunshine sprinkled with a dash of rainbow

Great Heights

Unfriendly nights

A schism so the voice cracks

Usurped by faithful will

I have melded myself to push


But the light at the end of the tunnel



The Wit

Hunger for the Pine

Walter enhanced prose

But lacking wit included bullshit


The art of display

is how you display your feathers

007 shaken not stirred

I’ll have 4 of those please

Sweet Darlin’

Slumping down deep pine

The hunger wakes inside

For without freedom

Cause ceases to exist

Sweet Darlin’

August ideas now back to Autumn

Pretty as they fall

Time to let go

Sweet Darlin’





“I’ve noticed recently that people seem to be divided between considering cooking, and baking in particular, an art or a science.

Baking is an art” people seem to use recipes as inspiration rather than the letter of the law – ingredients are adjusted depending on personal tastes. Measurements & timings are vague and rely on knowing appropriate textures, colour etc. Results are inconsistent until recipes have been tried many, many times.

Baking is a science” people follow recipes a lot more closely, don’t substitute/add extra ingredients and measure things exactly. They have opinions on weight versus volume, and even weigh liquids as it’s more accurate. Results are reasonably consistent from the get go.

As in life, I’m more of an “art” person – which is why my recipes are sometimes a bit vague with measurements – such as the soda bread recipe says use between “250-300ml” of soured milk. Like the soda bread, our slow rise no knead bread needs slightly different amount of liquids each time we make it – depending, seemingly, on the type of flour and the temperature of the liquid – so for me, dough texture is more important than exact quantities. I’m a bit more (but admittedly) not a lot more scientific the first few times I make something – until I begin to understand what it should be like. I find it more fun to freewheel than to stick to the recipe – but my results are sometimes inconsistent – taking a recently relevant example from cooking in general, sometimes my chilli rocks the free world, sometimes it struggles to rock our living room: edible but meh.

(Funnily enough, I’ve got more exact about favourite recipes after I’ve written them up for here because I’ve made them to the exact recipe for a few times before publishing it and have started to enjoy the consistency – before, I’d just throw a random amount of mustard seeds into kedgeree but now I use 1tsp like a good girl 😉 )

Where do you stand? Do you stick to recipes exactly or throw things in at random? Do you favour a more creative process or a more consistent result? Or are you somewhere in the middle?”

Decks Dark


Sweet Darlin’

Sweet Island

Keep me dreamin’

Held down by this feelin’

Oh my sweet darling

Like D’jango unchained

I do mas

For doomed to was the decks darkside

To planking on a diving board

Sweet Darlin’

What I wouln’t do

Is with intent try to hurt you

Guiding space with heart and mind

Almost especially divine

she is

Sweet Darlin’

Sweet Darling


The Green Shadow




From amber sunbeams

A toast to natures warmth

In this morning do I so wake

Surrounded by Sun & sky

But not so high it heats my vision

The truth is, the shadow always scared me

For it is perpetual history until you turn to dust

it is the memory of yourself before you turn to light

Not after death

So let the tree live

A Long and phosphorous (Φωσφόρος) life

The Green Shadow

“Today on East Coast we have a huge snow storm, so it is a perfect time to post something nice, a summer photo from Plitvice Lakes. My previous photos have a lot info about this place, so today’s story is a legend.
Rivers that mean life
Plitvice lakes are probably the most memorable waterfalls of Croatia, so it’s no surprise that scientists have been interested in it’s natural beauty since the early 19th century.
The diversity of these exceptionally rare endemic plants makes the Plitvice lakes national park precious not only to Croatia, but Europe. This area, spreading deep into the Velebit outback was in the past called Devils garden. More life paradise, history gives us the origin of the name, since the lakes were on the very border of the then Habsburg Monarchy and Ottoman Empire. The garden of Eden is what Plitivice are with 16 grand lakes covering over two square kilometers. Connected with big and small waterfalls, most of the water is brought in by the Black and White river.
A hundred year old legend tells the story of the origin of the lakes. After the Black river dried up, and the rain didn’t fall, the people were thirsty and started praying for water – to no end. Then the Black queen appeared in the valley. She had pity for the people and with thunder and lightning let the rain fall… After refreshing the people, animals and fields, the rain continued to fall – creating the myth that became reality – the Plitvice Lakes.
Also in WS you can see the aerial map and get some idea about lakes surrounding.” (credit:

The Green Light


Once in a far off novel I read

Fitzy told me of a fixation

To an idea of intangibility

To a sense of rightdom

To a feeling of contentment

In my room the green light shines

Literally, its a green light in my asylum

It stares at me

I see it and not the other way around

Luckily, I can fight motion

I unhappily fight light

For while ideas are often static

My excise of freedom is not

I am luck

So lucidity flows and freedom…

it grows in blue in yellow

Perhaps there is a meeting point with teal

Down the line

Designing Blue

Blue by definition is a color.  But to me, it’s so much more.  I mark this eve as the dawn of my snorkel experience.  Diving into business.  Into commerce.  Into trade.  Blue Designs will be broad, it will be far reaching, it will test my patience.  But I am prepared.  I am prepared for the aquarium.  Towering sheets of glass shimmering as the show turtles and seals floating in their humble refuge.  My refuge is my state of Belief.  I know what I can build.  And for tonite that is enough.  |For more info:



The smoke Breather



That deep lung toke

Sets the world arrest

Centered around you

Your breath

Plumes billowing bast your eyes

The shades hide darker means

Means to an end

Death, War, Hope

Wrapped neatly in a line for you

Helping me find that place of peace

Where I don’t give a fuck what happens next

Death tho,

|While i don’t seek it

I do seek the sadness that death brings

More like relief, the battles done

To be able to truly let go and pass on

See the green light and shoot towards it

not know where I am

but the fuzziness is warm and soothing

Listen out for something other than silence

And perhaps, just perhaps, we may wind up in conversation

Two cellestial bodies listening for something to share

Then keep going

Then hyper tube

All thanks to smoking






“Aachen Cathedral (German: Aachener Dom), known in English as the Cathedral of Aix-la-Chapelle, is a Roman Catholic Church. It is the oldest cathedral in northern Europe and was constructed by order of the Emperor Charlemagne, who was buried there after his death in 814. Groundbreaking occurred in 796.” wiki


Openness to Street Art New Delhi is changing the city vibezzz

credit images/content:


“St+art Festival is a collaborative platform for street artists from India and around the world. It works on the idea of ‘Art for Everyone’ with the primary objective of making art accessible for wider audiences while having a positive impact on society. The two month long urban arts festival will change the visual landscape of the city with art interventions in public spaces through murals, installations, performances, workshops, talks and screenings.”

Sweet Darlin’


Sweet island

Keep me down

Hold down this feeling

oh my sweet

Sweet Dark= Darlin’

Like D’jango unchained

I’d arrive on horseback

But doomed to walk the dark deck

Planking on a diving board

Sweet Darlin’

What I wouldn’t do

Sweet Darlin’

Is with intent try to hurt you

Guide space with heart & mind

Almost specifically devine


sweet darlin’

Radiohead – Decks Dark – vinyl from Buch R on Vimeo.

The Raindrops


Are falling


They flail across my window

]The drop like fatal flaws

To shine in their for just a moment

They react to stimulation of all sorts

MUTED by their clarity

REJECTED by their ignorance

MARKED  by their obscurity

Known as their collective

For puddles are murky

And damns hold on

But water keeps dropping

And I can’t keep it out my eyes

Reblog- Interview: John Dolan

|Sept 2, 2013


Photography by Rob Weir
Interview by Carina Claassens

If you’ve been to Shoreditch on a sunny day you would have noticed John Dolan and his dog, George, sitting on the High Street. George sits patiently while John draws portraits of him and the buildings opposite.  In this in depth interview we find out exactly how John became the artist he is today.

Where are you from?

Goswell Road in Islington. I’ve lived in London all my life.

How old is George and how were you brought together?

He is six years old. I was living in shared accommodation at the time and a couple of rough sleepers bought him for the price of a strong can of lager off a mad Scotsman. They had him for about a week and then gave him to me.


How did you train George?

I got him when he was one year old and he was one of those dogs who would nearly bite your hand off when you tried to pick up his ball. He was a cat chaser; he chased foxes. I just have an authoritative voice if you could say that. I had dogs growing up. You need eyes in the back of your head with dogs like these, especially when it comes to food. It’s just using your voice in the right way really. You don’t train a dog with your hand, you train him with your voice. With these types of dogs, they just love you and show so much love anyway – he’s very loyal. He’s a great bloody dog.

How long have you been drawing?

All my life, all my life, I’ve always had a natural talent for drawing – my grandfather was a good artist. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve actually picked up a pen and started drawing the way I am now. I spent many years in and out of jail and came out one day and I was homeless. I climbed into a building site, slept there and would get out in the morning before the builders came. This particular day I was in this building site, in Whitechapel behind the mosque, and there was a security guard that I didn’t know about. I had to jump over a wall – I landed okay but my ankle gave way and arthritis kicked in. As a result I couldn’t duck and dive. I had to literally walk up to people in the street and ask them for money.

I would never have dreamt of doing something like that but I had no choice. From there I started sitting down and when I got George I started sitting down with him. I trained him to sit in front of a hat and I would stand away from him and people would take his picture because he’s a beautiful dog. In the summer time I made a fortune but then the winter kicked in. I had to wrap George up because he was cold and it actually made for a good picture. I found it embarrassing just sitting there watching people throw money into his hat so I started drawing again. I started drawing just to get over the embarrassment and my drawings got better and better. The idea was to teach myself watercolour and I started drawing buildings. I started to draw houses and once I watercoloured the pictures and did all the rest of it I would put a calling card under the doors saying, “I’ve drawn your house, would you like to view it and buy the picture?”

I wasn’t a building drawer. What happened was I was sitting opposite the buildings that are on the other side of the road from where I usually sit, the old decrepit buildings, and I started drawing them to practice and get it right. I thought I would do it with these ones because they’re rotten old buildings.

Today I’ve sold more than 500 pictures of those buildings and they take me two hours to draw.

A John Dolan building drawing (note Burning Candy Crew):


Do the drawings of George sell well?

People started asking me for drawings of him and I would walk out of the house with four or five – they take me about 20 minutes to knock up – and I take them out and they sell.  The only time that I don’t really sell any stuff is when the weather’s gloomy but when it’s sunny, sat where I sit, I sell loads of pictures.

What is the most you’ve sold in one day?



Who or what would you say inspires you?

I like Gilbert and George – they walk past me every night and George always says hello to me. I love them. I don’t mind Tracy Emin. Jackson Pollock blows me away. And of course some of the old masters.

So you’ve just always had a natural talent?

When I was 13 I lost an art contract.  My grandmother worked as a cleaner and took one of my drawings in to show her friends. It was a fantastic picture, I copied it out of an old comic book – my grandfather used to buy me comic books.

A guy looked over her shoulder and said, “I work for a meat company in Spitalfields meat market, and I’m looking for a freelance artist. If your grandson can do us a trademark we’ll give him £5.” I just couldn’t deliver the goods; it was too much pressure for such a young mind.

Would you say that you are a street artist?

Yeah, I’m in a book about street art as a street artist. Up until the point that I went into the book I didn’t know what I was or who I was. If you asked me now what I am, I would say a street artist.

Have you ever sat anywhere else?

I pretty much always sit in the same spot on Shoreditch High Street.

Why there?

Because of those two buildings across the road – that’s all it basically is.

I can draw them with my eyes closed. In the summer I’ll go sit in Covent Garden and Southbank. The thing is, I’ve been sat in Shoreditch for such a long time that I don’t have to put signs up. People know me and if they want a drawing they buy it.

If you couldn’t draw and you had to do something else, what would it be?

I don’t know, fly an aeroplane? It’d have to be something good, not something bland like working in a factory or putting cream in doughnuts. It would have to be something good.

What do you do when you’re not drawing?

Sleep (laughs), because I’m always drawing. Even when I’m at home I draw.

What do you draw when you’re at home?

I usually finish pictures that I started on the high street or I’m given stuff to draw. A lot of people order drawings.

Do they just approach you on the street and ask you to draw something?

Yeah, “can you draw my dog?” or “can you draw my girlfriend?”

What’s the most general thing that people ask you to draw?

Where they live. They give me photographs.

What’s the most unusual thing?

Nothing yet, I’m still waiting for something strange.

Do you ever work in other mediums than you do now?

I sometimes work in charcoal, only the basics. I want to start using spray cans. I’ve had a little practice and I’ve got the gist of it.

Would you say your favourite thing to draw is buildings?

Anything really, anything that is a challenge. If I’ve never drawn it before, even better. I’m having real difficulty with a picture of a girl that someone gave me about a month ago. It’s of a girl’s face. She’s very pretty but I’m just not very good at drawing girl’s faces anyway. It’s not like a man’s face that’s crinkled and if it is it’s covered in make up. She’s a stunning girl but I just can’t bloody get her eyes right and I’m banging my head on the table. The amount of paper I’ve wasted…

I assume that most people’s reactions to your drawings are good?


Yeah, I get told every day that I’m very talented. It’s so nice and it’s strange because drawing is such an easy thing for me to do.

Have you ever had a bad experience while sitting on the street and drawing?

Not so much while drawing. But yeah, every Friday night – it’s nothing worth talking about – just drunk idiots you know. I am financially troubled and that’s why I have to do what I do – I’ll never badger people or ask people for money. If someone puts a bit of change or a £20 note in George’s cup I’ll always thank him or her. If they put a note in the cup and I have a picture to give them, I do.

If George could draw what do you think he would draw?

He’d probably draw me. I’d like to think that he’d do a fine job of it as well.

You say you’re a street artist. To what extent do you identify with the other artists you see on the street?

Like me they also stand or sit in the cold doing what they do. They’re open to criticism. I mean the amount of times that people walk past me and go “ah that’s shit”.

So it’s a bit like public art? You’re both public artists?

Yeah. I’m envious of people who paint on the walls because it can be there for a long time. I love it. There’s a lot of good stuff in Shoreditch and Great Eastern Street. I painted my living room wall for a little while.

Street Art London: Thanks John!

In September Dolan has his first solo exhibition at Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch.
Over 40 international street artists and graffiti writers will also collaborate with Dolan as part of the exhibition. 

19-26 September 2013 (10AM-6PM)
Opening 7:30PM, Thursday 19 September 2013
Howard Griffin Gallery
189-190 Shoreditch High Street,
E16HU, London.